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Sunday, April 15th, 2001 @ 9:30 pm

Several of us had agreed to meet at 8:30 on Easter Sunday to stain our finger nails with soil, and share fellowship with our fellow organic gardeners. I think fellowship comes in many forms and the fact that after the lovely sunrise service I attended at Bering Methodist I chose to share fellowship with my new found friends at the community garden was a very good thing. The fact that several of them are pagans doesn't really matter at all, in fact it delights a part of me. A part that wants to experience the rich and varied tapestry that the human experience has to offer. We all have wisdom to share with each other, if only we keep our ears open to hear it.

We were putting in the new butterfly garden at our wonderful plot of organic goodness, planting nearly all of the varieties that would attract the butterflies that are native to our area and give them a place to spawn.

Janet is kind of our ring leader. I love the fact that she sprinkles words like auspicious, aspect, and energy in amongst the more mundane words of everyday communications. Janet and I have kind of become buddies, in the very short while that we have known each other. She says that she is SO glad we have met. Deep down I know that she means this with all the weight of her soul.

We were shoulder to shoulder.

On our hands and knees.

Wrist deep in a rich fertile loam, spiked with leaf mold and rice hulls.

Popping verbenas, zinnias, milkweed, and a myriad of other plants into the ground when Janet confided in me.


She paused and looked at me.

I looked back expecting a message of great importance to come forth from her lips. Placing myself in the position of supplicant. The garden was my Delphi and she is my oracle.

We were so close that I could see directly into her grey eyes, see the wisdom that resides there behind the windows to her soul. I prepared myself to listen. To let her words pass through me and into me, and to REALLY hear what she had to say.

"You're my new project."

"I think it's my job to introduce you to the people here in Houston that you can relate too."

I smiled and nodded back; "I'd love to meet the people you have in mind, I have to admit I really miss the ‘earthy' people I used to hang out with back in New Mexico."

She smiled a knowing smile, I didn't have to explain further. She had known exactly what I meant even before I had uttered the words.

Now I have to admit, a part of me said, "What? Do I look desperate for friends?"

But I soon realized that it was more a issue of perception. That she had recognized, and intuited from our conversations that I have found many of the people I have met here in Houston to, well, just not make the cut. Sure there nice enough and all, but I don't know, at the risk of sounding New Ageish, they just don't have good energy. *Except for the Girls*

She went on to tell me of several people that I would ‘just love!', that I should be expecting phone calls...


I'm excited really I am.

I think a large part of life is being at the right place at the right time. Synchronicity, as James Redfield puts it. People in our lives have things to tell us. If we really pay attention, and open ourselves up we can make it easier for that person to tell us what they have to say. If we leave their presence without hearing their message, then it was an opportunity that is forever lost. In other words children, listen to your intuitions.

Be open to them.

Let them become a part of your life.

So, synchronicity. My point being, that this weekend I've been homesick. The many phone calls from home from my well meaning family trying to include me in their celebrations only serving to make me feel that much more alone. Anyway, this message from Janet is exactly the medicine I needed.

What I most needed to hear, when I most needed to hear it.

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