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Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006 @ 8:00 p.m.

So, I've been blue, I think.

Anxiety seems to lay around every corner.

My heart seems to lay uncomfortably somewhere near my alligouzal. (Did anyone else's grandmother call their uvula an alligouzal? (owl-lih-goo-zal) You know, that dangley bit at the back of your throat? Hmm, that was a trip back to being 5. Anyway.

Uhg. Miami was, well I expected it to be a day of work, and some great site seeing and some letting off of steam. It ended up only being work, and I could have done that at home. Sure there was some great networking and all. But damn I needed some serious rollicking about. To top it all off its report card time. My kids grades suck. It troubles me, but in the end I know the responciblity resides with themselves, for the most part.

Hmm. Bailey has become SUCH a joy. Who would have known that a parrot could become such a cuddle-bug. He's funny. He tries desperately to impress me with his talking. He's funny, I can't understand a word. he's also started making bubbling, popping, and squeeking noises which delight me to no end.

The dogs are back from thier week in the country. They seem beat. I'm so glad to have them back around. So glad that mia is back to curl up against my side at night.

hmm. I feel as though I need to shut myself off from everything. Which is probably the wrong thing to do.

I think this is baked already.


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