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Wednesday, Sept. 05, 2007 @ 7:13 p.m.

Love at first sight? site? ugh. sight. thank God for Google. Maybe? Did I believe in it before? I don't recall. I mean I thought it was a wonderfully romantic idea, but full fledged belief? I don't know about that. I mean, knowing myself, probably as I tend to be a believer in most far fetched things . . . the yeti, Bigfoot, aliens . . . crumple horned snorkacks. So why not love at first site? fuck. Sight.

See this? I can't even drive right now, or shouldn't. Talk about punch-drunk-love. Me and my friends used to call it heifervescence in college, that overwhelming intoxicated feeling when you meet someone who throws you into instant like.

We had been talking online and his air conditioner broke down. So he left to go get parts and such, we talked again later, and he was having to make another trip to the hardware store for parts and before I knew it "Do you need some help repairing it?" slipped out of my mouth.

Now, he lives in Rio Rancho, which might as well be on the other side of the planet from my part of the duke city and by the time I got there he was done with the repairs. He opened the door and greeted me with the most beautiful smile I do think I have ever beheld! (Not to mention he's just gorgeous) He so had me with that smile. He admitted that me offering to come help him with the handy work was about the kindest thing that had happened to him in awhile and that it made me even MORE attractive to him now. So see, kindness really does pay off. He fixed me dinner, made me laugh, we 'tried' watching some TV, but ended up in bed, of course. OH MY GAHD, he has mad skills. :D We hung out some more, took a shower, laughed and giggled and talked, and I was overwhelmed by how genuinely kind he seems and I found myself becoming more and more enamored of his charms. So, I left to come home and my inner doubting thomas started rearing his ugly head. "he's not going to call." it said. "well that was nice, stupid whore, but you'll never see him again." "stupid git, don't you know ALL boys are kind the first go around?" yeah, so my inner voice isn't always the kindest of speakers. needless to say, I was all worked up in my typical back side of the giddyfest way, and couldn't sleep a wink so I knocked myself out with some codeine cough syrup. ahh, warm fuzzy bliss. I went to work Tuesday morning. "don't call first." the inner voices were singing in chorus. by the time quitting time was rolling around I had justified calling after work. But right around 3 ... he texted me. first, mind you.

sigh. YAY! perfection that.

"Hey, I've been thinking about you all day but didn't want to text you till after you got off work."

WOW!!! my faith in MAN kind is completely restored now. There are gentleman in the universe after all. I was beginning to think they were as fictional as the affor mentioned creatures, but yeah, I probably believed in them too. ;P

OK, so that WOULD be a good stopping point for this entry, but we're going to the annual burning of Zozobra in Santa Fe tomorrow. This is something I have always wanted to do but never made the time for. It's the original burning man festival, old man gloom to take away your cares. Dinner and the festival of Zozobra. Fuck, it's a 'date' and he said so.


I know.

Hopeless, right?

I love getting swept away in this tide of endorphins.

HUGS to you and yours!

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