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June 14, 2001 updated August 7, 2003 @ 10:41 a.m.

It won't be a yellow brick road.

Hippiedom: Non-descript told me this is one of his favorite entries of mine.

My Rose colored Grandma

Does y'have a white one, with jus'a lil' touch o'purple?

Mal Bait

Red Neck Dialect generator entry

High Priestess Virginia

Sorry-ass cry and digitaly edited self portrait

I dream of Martha


College Memorial Park Cemetary

The Great Condom Caper


Treatis on morning snot, and how I delt with it.

Graphite lines

little crescents and slivers of silvery glassy, glitter

Nam Plah Prik

the pencil thin rear end of a teeny brownish olive garden snake

Airforce Helicopters Slam Into Mountain

nostral, nostrel, nostril

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birth of stars
Birth of Stars, Acrylic on Panel, 36" by 48" Collection of the artist

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It's like getten screwed with your pants still on!
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