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Cast of characters (Work in Progress)
Sept. 18, 2001, updated 8/7/03 @ 9:44 p.m.


That's me. 25 year old guy, school teacher, writer, with aspirations of returning to school for a degree in fine arts specializing in metalsmithing. This year I'll be teaching k-4 gardening, if you can believe it! I thought I was unique in this, but have since found out their is a teacher in Houston who is also teaching gardening to elementary students.

Habibi: [may appear as Sam in some older entries]

The love of my life. We have our emotional ups and downs, sure, but I've never found a man I can relate so much too. He's a truly kind hearted soul that I adore! Mind, body, and soul.

Corazon, A.K.A. C.

My very best friend from college! Fellow diarist, Margarita drinkin', Evita song singin', laying down on sidewalk talkin', kick ass friend! When I think back on college, I often think of it as the best times of life . . . so far. And when I'm walking down those paths of memory Corazon is most often the one walking there beside me.


Habibi's best friend, and the locus of my envy and jealousy. I'm getting better about dealing with these new found feelings of jealousy. I'm even beginning to genuinely like M in and of his own right, not just cause he's my Habibi's best friend. Really that jealousy is waisted energy and I'd do well to refocus my concerns. Kuinileti, aka Mal:

Where to start.

Yes, as I've said before, the beginning. Our incredible journey of friendship started with an AMAZING 24 hours at a Buddhist temple in Albuquerque, 'making love in the kitchen', steamers and dessert at midnight at the double rainbow on Central where we came out to each other, and an incredible morning of frolicking and story spinning about waitresses named Britland in Santa Fe. 3 years later my friendship with Kuinileti is still as intense and fresh as the 24 hours that started it all.


Wonderful old boyfriend. We've drifted apart, but were still great friends. He reinstilled something in me. The fact that there are still down to earth, sensible, fun, and caring guys out there. Jet, thanks! You lifted away some of my bitterness!

The Girls, Individually they are Monica, Maribel, and Yuhayna:

My Salsa dancing, Sangria making friends. They are my light and my sanity here in Houston.

The Witches:

My fellow Organic Gardening Pals over at the Garden on Mandel.


One of my readers and a great IM buddy. She likes to play matchmaker. :) I always look forward to bumping into each other, and cracking each other up.

Mrs. Salsa Del Fuego:

My incredible one of a kind boss. I keep thinking this will be my last year at ________. But now that she is the head honcho I can see my self staying there for a long time to come.

Ms. Fluff

An administrative support person at school. I adore her personally, professionally she is sometimes lately grating on my nerves.

Mademoiselle Noire

The chicest secretary on the planet. I love her to death cause she tells me how cute I look. I need to hear that. Really I do. She's the cutest thing. She says I'm the chicest dressed guy she knows. You have know idea how happy that makes me.

Mrs. Flywet

Well, she's kind of the other secretary, but I love her. She is my fellow Anne Rice reading buddy.

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