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The Finger Prints of God.
Sunday, Nov. 09, 2008 @ 9:47 p.m.

Free Writing.
The Universe expands in both directions simultaneously. It seems the universe is an infinite expansion of space as well as an infinite division of space. Particles upon particles, upon layers of particles. Elements, Molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, nucleus, quirks and quarks, positrons, gluons, gravitons, bosons, higs-bosons, division upon division, upon division to infinityÖ particles that behave like waves and waves that behave like particles. Particles in two places simultaneously and also nowhere at the same time. Itís an amazing universe. It makes my head spin in a delightful warm buzzing sensation. I yearn to get back into the studio and start painting The Creation, once again. Every particle interacting with every other particle in the universe simultaneously. Particle physics sounds very easternÖ or at least the quantum universe is sounding very eastern. You know, the whole we are all connected thing. Turns out physicists now think that gravity might actually be a particle that is actually continuously exchanged with every other particle, bodyómass in the universe. It makes my head spin and then I see the colors that should be painted on the panels. When Iím painting The Creation it can at times be what feels like a meditationÖ. that is a poorly lacking description of what it isÖ itís much more spiritual then meditation, and yet it is also meditation too. Iíve been in this manic mood of a mass cleaning frenzy. Itís still rather atrocious but Iím gaining on it. The filth is getting removed and some organization and minimizing is taking place. Soon I will be able to step into the studio and unload this burden of having not painted for over a year. As many times as Iíve listened to the Lordís Prayer in Aramaic you would think Iíd have it memorized by now but even now, I only know the first few phrases. That prayer has always been my meditation, my very long mantra almost. I love The Lordís Prayer but most especially I love the sound of it in Aramaic.

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The Finger Prints of God.
(Sunday, Nov. 09, 2008)

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