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Their is this guy, I'm some sort of 'Daddy' fantasy for him. I want someone who thinks I'm gorgeous, who is totally into the whole of me. NOt some ideal they see in their mind when they close their eyes.
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007 @ 4:44 p.m.

I've been at Flying Star grant writing all afternoon . . .

I feel like I'm back in college writing a mid-term paper.


I love this feeling.

If I won the lottery I'd so go back to school. I miss it so, sometimes.

This evening Alma, an elderly neighbor, and I are going to the International Baloon Fiesta to see the storm troopers marching in formation to welcome the Darth Vador baloon from belgium. yay, picture taking!!!

I think i'm coming out of my little month long foreray into asexuality.


There are some really gorgeous men in Albuquerque. Beyond gorgeous. A lot of men are handsome but lately it just seems like i've seen striking after striking individual. Humans can be SO incredibly gorgeous. Of course I'm biassed towards the male of the species :D

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